Built on 3 strong principles, TRUST-QUALITY-SUSTAINABILITY, we consider ourselves as a reliable partner for our customers around the World. Using the power of multi nationality, we drive our business with same aim, 100% customer satisfaction!


Invencia was formed by highly motivated, experienced engineers those have high academic background and aim to serve cutting-edge solutions not only counts in paper but also in the market. 


Believing in the power of multi national collaboration inside the company, we analyse and process the customer's problems with different perspectives and present multi solutions to customers wishes.  Hence, our motto is 'Innovative Solutions', those we believe have no limits but science .


From Hi-tech goods to Industrial elements, Invencia diversed in 4 main business areas, each department has individual managing perspective with analogous work distribution.











Our Worldwide offices are located on 3 countries to access worldwide business communication. Having the power of Worldwide distribution, we update our service with evolving world business environment and needs. Hence, we serve World class services and products.


Besides, we have also wide network of highly qualified suppliers in Mainland China and Japan, which we have strong communication. Depending on customer's targets and requests, we find proper supplier and conduct the business environment under the umbrella of INVENCIA.









About US

Distributed and Localized Manufacturing

"Product of  INVENCIA" - Aiming for Global Quality Assurance


Among the hurdles that this distributed of production has to overcome, the most important is quality assurance, which requires that "no matter where products are made, they must have the same high level of quality." We don't put a label on products which says "Made in China" or "Made in Japan", but instead opts for one label for all: "Made by INVENCIA." This means that there is a need to spread INVENCIA's manufacturing philosophy — the "INVENCIA Way" — to all of their overseas bases.














During our business, we have learned that long-term relationships are overwhelmingly more valuable than any other asset in this business. This focus on building and maintaining relationships permeates every facet of INVENCIA's strategy. Our commitment to our customers has a material impact on every single decision that we make.



We are successful because we strive to offer the highest level of service in the marketplace, providing a tailored customer approach. Recognizing that we are in the business of managing information as well as physical commodities, we provide our customers with market opinions, price discovery and timely product delivery. Furthermore, we market select specialty products that assist existing customers with personalized price discovery and logistics services.



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