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As an integrated supplier and service provider of LED displays, we offer products that are well-received and of exceptional quality. 


We provide turnkey solutions for advertising and stage events, as well as scoreboards and perimeter banners.

We deliver a wide range of LED lighting products like modules, light bulbs and luminaires. We also offer LED lighting services & solutions.

Impressive long-life technology makes our LED lighting systems a long-term  investment. 

Go solar, reduce your energy bills and discover our World class services in solar solutions for homes, businesses and utilities. 


Discover high efficient solar panels from world biggest manufacturers from Asia. Learn more about high-efficiency solar technology.

We are here to bring matured Asian wind technologies to the rest of the world. Close relations with Chinese wind turbine manufacturers, we are offering turnkey solutions for personal or corporate projects. We can also assist you to plan your projects as well as financing.


As having bases in different countries and using ultimate connection channels with raw material suppliers, we are here to offer you the best service with high level of sustainability and quality.

From variety of filters to feeders, we can offer you high quality and cost efficient solutions.


Our engineers will investigate and offer you customized products, those help you to improve your casting performance.

We are an experienced supplier of Japanese car parts from its origin, Japan. Let us know what you need, we offer you fast and cost efficient service.

Having trouble to find spare parts for  Japanese heavy duty vehicles? 

Let us know!